Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How to shop for a "perfect" pair of Jeans

Unless you’re Gisele, stick to slim or skinny cut.

Don’t just marvel at the brand and check if the zipper works. Know the right fit when you shop for a pair of jeans.
Jeans is no longer simply a pair of trousers made from denim. It has become a fashion icon and an apparel staple for everyone. In fact, most of us wear it every other day. We wear it to school, to the workplace, to parties, to restaurants, and heck, even to sleep (usually after a drunk night out).
Opt for low rise if you’re too skinny.
And since we see and wear jeans everyday, we might forget how to wear them right. It isn’t just a case of slipping into a pair of jeans picked from the wardrobe when you can’t find anything to wear. Jeans have different cuts and fits because we have different body types. The jeans need to fit not just the waist but also the thigh and the backside (yes, we need to flaunt the ass).
Hence, the fitting (pun intended) question here is not, “Do you own a pair of jeans?” but “Do you own the right pair of jeans?” Here are 10 tips on how to get the right look for your pair of Levi’s.

1. One important thing to note is that styles vary for jeans. The hottest look for jeans now is low-rise, zipper, skinny cut, and dark denim colours.

2. Everyone owns a pair of Levi’s. Now, trend followers are sucking up cult labels such as Neighbourhood, G-Star, Cheap Monday, Seven for All Mankind and Frankie B. It’s time to start saving up.

3. Jeans are generally stonewashed these days, but don’t ever wear those that are stonewashed in pumice stones. Think William Hung.

4. As mentioned, always go for dark denim. Unless you have a pair of legs like Gisele Bundchen, do remember that dark colours make you appear favourably thinner.

5. If you’re going to dance at some cheesy 70s disco floor, then flares and bellbottoms are just right up your alley. If not, avoid at all cost. Honestly, do you intend to stuff a chicken in that hideously huge opening flare?

6. If you happen to have a bottom like Jennifer Lopez, choose jeans with back pockets that are not too small in size. Small pockets will only widen your already wide ass.

7. And if you don’t have a bottom like J Lo’s, but more like a twig, wear low-rise because it flatters your shape, and makes up for whatever you’re lacking.

8. If you’re slim and tall, congratulations. Most jeans are designed for you. Try peg leg or low rise jeans to show off your hips and a peek at your sexy g-string (no, I’m just joking).

9. But if you’re short like most Asians are, go for slim-fit. It will make you appear taller. Not forgetting, they match well with killer heels too!

10. The length is important because rolling them up sometimes is just too tak glam (unglamorous in Malay). The hem of the jeans should always touch the top of your footwear.

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