Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Japan DisneyLand 2008



Its a Monday morning and we are heading to DiSnEyLaNd @ Maihama station

On our way in to Disneyland...!

Here's the entrance... look at the Disneyland Hotel at my back (Bottom Right)

Going to buy the tickets lo.....
Each ticket is about SGD100 +

Top Left - I like this pic. See Michelle's with Daisy... Some KungFu moves? Cute...!

Top Right - We went to try this space ride which seems like a Roller Coaster Ride in darkness and u can't forsee wad is next... as am i plunging now or goin to take a plunge... haha...

Bottom Pictures - See me takin' a Bite of the Churro... i remember vividly that it was eaten warm and fresh... NiCe... But guess wad when i came back.. i tried the Churro from Cine Leisure Cathay - it Sux !

Top Left - Trying to hold the tree which seems so interesting with e shape...

Top Right - Entering DisNeyLanD !

Bottom Left - Map of DisneyLand seem BiG and Complicated.. isn't it?
Anyway we didn't finish visiting all the rides and playgrounds.

Here we took a bumpy racy car ride which has guided track to follow... all u hav to do is jus to step on your accelerator paddle. Easy !

" Its your mama!" - Nokia Ad. haha...

Look am makin' my First Call BaCk tO SinGaPoRe !

I guess my dad picked up the call... and i told him that im calling him from Disneyland... and updated him on tmr's flight details...

Thanks to Michelle '4' takin' this photo of me callin'

OH DEAR !!! This was the ride which made us waited for like nearly ONE AND A HALF HOUR! Imagine standin there and movin' forward abit for that long ? AND GUESS WAD ? Its freaking Cold waiting outside and my toes are totally numb.

LuCkily... the ride was pretty alright. :)

Here we are at this place called "it's a small world".

Its a very nice place with the objects like stars n clock movin' outside

See video below to understand how it is like...

Here we're INSIDE "Its a small world" :)
Inside here we boarded a small boat which can hold about 16-20 people and we toured the place for like 10-15mins before coming back to our original location.

Inside here are all the cute moving stuffs, puppets dancing, things flying ard etc... something called visual imagination. Very creative and innovative making those puppets and stuffs move about.

This is probably one of the MOST SUMPTUOUS MEAL we had in Japan!
We had it in Disneyland!

See... We had minced meat with cheese inside, salad, mushroom soup, green tea cake served w red beans n cream, and last but nt least.. Coffee ! :)

As we were havin our dinner... the litted cartoon characters like this Dino drove pass slowly outside our restauarant... I only manage to catch a few clear pictures like these shown below...

Above Bottom Pictures - After dinner we went to catch this firework display.
They put up this display of fireworks everyday for like about 5 mins ...
And i took a few pictures of it... :)

After that we went to the Gifts & Souvenirs shop to get some stuffs back to Singapore

Above and Below Pictures are photos that we took at the Gifts & Souvenirs Store... There are quite a few stores there... and of course we asked people to take photo for us... wearing those cute lil Mickey Mouse hats but we din buy... :)

Eee... Why u PuLL my FaCe...?
its getting rounder and i want a chiselled face... lol.

At the Gifts & Souvenirs store... Disney's 25th Anniversary Key-chains... Looks cool and easy to keep. Michelle did bought some other stuffs as well... :)

Bought this Mickey Mouse Tin-box with Mickey Mouse shaped-cookies inside... Nice container which looks pretty traditional and original...

Here Michelle bought me this Mickey Mouse Boxer... wanna see me wearing it ? lol...


This Disneyland trip was really a rewarding one... Its my First Time visiting DiSnEyLanD and of course with Michelle ard everything turned out to be very smooth and wonderful...

Without you i probably wouldn't have come aLL the way here, to Japan Disneyland!

Thanks Dear!

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