Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Michelle's New Volkswagen Beetle

Long Awaited

Baby was born on the 15th January 2009

She had been yearning for this car for like 4-5 years... and nOw she FinaLLy gOt iT!


This car was registered on the 15th Jan, but we got the car on the 16th.

Here we went up to the fourth floor to collect our car.

At first we still wonder if this was our car... and the sales-person asked us to guess... haha...

Here above, the sales-person explaining the functions and features of the car

Indeed a cute car!

And WhitE is NiCe! :)

Can't bear to leave her so called "Xiao Hei"... to be exact - Hyundai Getz

Catching a glimpse of the Xiao Hei from the back of the Beetle

I managed to buy a pair of PiNk RibbOns in time... to tie to the doors so as to celebrate the collection of the nEw born Beetle! :)

The keys shown above are quite niCe also... quite similar to those of Audis

A pair of keys - One for herself, and the other for ME !

Thanks Dear!!!

This is our nEw Baby!

... and she called it "Xiao Ke Ai"

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