Wednesday, April 15, 2009

3rd Month Birthday for Our Baby !

What have I been doin' w this car for e PAst 3 Months ?

Washed the car almost every weekend...

and I even washed it in the middle of the night, past 12 midnight

Its really very dirty, especially the car is WhiTE

Placed some petals of the pink rose I gave to Michelle during Valentine's day !!!

I even clean the engine... not everybody does that but i do...

Over here... Unveil the New Beetle from Volkswagen... Spanking Clean !!

create animated gif

And of course... I get to drive it... :)

Bought this Sun-shades for Mich on the First day she got the car... 16.01.2009

She gave her a name called "Lolly"

and her Birthday is on

15th January 2009

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