Monday, May 18, 2009

Kotex Event @ Tampines 17May2009

My Sunday 12-4 pm was doin' this event for Kotex @ Tampines

Givin' out these Kotex sample packets shown above to the public...

But of course to the ladies only.

They include UltraThin Pads, Maxi Pads for heavy flow, Pantiliners as well as Tampons... which can be use for swimming, running or even wearing a G-string!

Its my First time doin' this and was rather excited about it... and starting it was abit not used to it... distributing Kotex to the ladies.. but after some time i get used to it and get it goin' smoothly... Even Aunties and Ah Mas also came forward to get the samples from us... And we were like... "Eh... still have meh ?" haha... Oops!

In conclusion, I learned and get to know more about these sanitary pads... even that small thing! (tampons i mean.. haha) we even opened up and explore... Pardon us, but we really know nuts about this, even the girls. In addition, from this event I get to see how Singaporeans react to these Giveaways... that is "One take the rest follow" even the Uncles who don't know wad it was also came forward and take... and we will tell him politely "Sorry, its for ladies" :)

One more thing to add on before i go...
I wanna emphasize that I DON'T LIKE THE TOP that I'm wearing... they dOn't have stock for me already, probably i came abit late. it was suppose to be a black singlet like the others boys who are wearing. BUT it does NOT look like a singlet and it looks really weird on me. Its more like a sleeveless shirt with a bigger than normal round neck collar and to make it worse, its a LARGE-sized shirt! It really make me look really stupid, but i know this still have to go on.. and i told myself that its okie to wear that and dont care how others will see... nevertheless its jus an event for 4 hrs. Sorry that i've to mention this, but i really wanna voice it out! There were some other things that also Pissed me off, but I would not bring it up here...

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