Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Kiehl's Store Opening @ Orchard ION | 07-10 Aug 2009

10th August 2009, Mon

Juztin visited us that day!

Meiyan from Nuffnang visited us that day too!
Thks for coming down!

Camwhoring session Starts Now!

we did our job...

with Sarah Kiehls Consultant

8th August 2009, Sat

James who came down to support us after his shoot...
Thks for helping us to take photos as well bro!

lala... mobile advertising

here we go... springing into the air !

pumping the balloon... training my arms at the same time as well... ha...
kill 1 bird with 2 stones... NO..
KiLL 2 BiRdies with 1 StOne!!!

takin polariod photos with the passerbys... they can keep for themselves as well as getting them to fill up our profile cards...

Kobe & Yumin who came to look for us also...

takin' photo with our bossy manager ZLing!
She's cOoL !

After that we went for bowling... and William took this shot of me bowling my ball.
Thks for taking this niCe shot... else i wouldnt noe from behind it looks like tt...
everyone's commenting tt the style is there...
but i know myself my technique is wrong!
Oops... my Ck underwear is out!

dunnoe when was the last time i bowled with them... very long time ago!
But, all of us had a Great time there!

7th August 2009, Fri

She's from 8 Days who interviewed all of us...

Peixiang who visited us...

Thks Dylan for takin this photo...!
haha... tts why u are not in the picture... :P

Kevin visited us as well...

waving from left to right...
im trying hard to follow his cue...
he go left ... i go right!
oh ya... tts WeiCai ... very fit dragOnboater!

after that we went to have dinner at the JUST ACIA @ Dhoby Ghaut Xchange.
It was a tiring day!

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