Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chinese Fu Dog or Foo Dog

Chinese Foo dogs may refer to any of the closely related dog breeds that have originated in ancient China and resemble Chinese Guardian Lions. They are often called as Lion Dogs. Chinese Foo is a breed of toy dog that were the most favored pets of Chinese Imperial Court. Foo or Fu is the Chinese word that translates into ‘happiness’ and thus Chinese Foo dogs are also called as ‘Happiness Dogs’. They have remained as the most revered breeds of dogs in Chinese history and several Chinese Arts depict Foo dogs.

Chinese Foo is a compact dog with an overall square profile. They come in three sizes toy, miniature and standard. Head is moderately broad with pricked ears. They have deep and moderately broad chest with a short, powerful and compact body, well-sprung ribs and short, wide and muscular loins. Its high-set and small ears are firm and erect when alert. Eyes are dark brown and almond-shaped. They have a very strong and muscular neck with a slight arch. Their legs are straight, firm, powerful and medium-length. They have double coat with a thick, coarse and weather-proof outer coat and a soft, silky and dense undercoat. Chinese Crested is an active, courageous, agile, intelligent and energetic dog.

Picture of a Fu Dog...
Funny or Cute or Both? haha....

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