Saturday, October 6, 2007

Its a Sunday!!!

Dear all,

Finally im here to write again...

Recently have been really busy with my stuffs and work as well, quite a number of overtime last month... but luckily im paid for it. haha... but it can be tiring... 5-day work... and 4 days of overtime... imagine? haha... Now, im always looking forward to Friday, like anyone else in my company. haha... some of my colleagues even countdown to the 5:30pm knock off time... which for me i dun really like to count n think bout it. cos if u think it this way, ur time will be very slow... so i usually wun count the no. of hrs to 5:30pm... Usually when it comes to Fri... or even before it comes to Fri, i would try to plan my weekend ahead, so that at least i wouldnt be wasting it away jus like this...cos i do treasure every weekend... but of course most of the time... or for the past few weeks... they didn't fall into plan. What affects me most was Soccer with my friends... for consecutively 3-4 wks.. we planned to play but diden't play due to poor attendance when the day comes... if not i would have planned to go sun tan with my pals... or have other activities instead. it can be quite annoying... but tts life... we jus have to take it. luckily there's a blog for me to blog it here... else i would have jus keep it to myself... haha... there are many other things which happened last mth which i feel like blogging here at tt time... but of course i din have the time to do so... so it was procrastinated... like i got to know a gal from the gym...

She's actually workin there as a front desk attendant @ Safra Mt Faber ENERGY ONE, and one day i realised that the locker she gave my was spoilt; the door came loose... so i went back to her and told her bout it... and jus being a lil humorous, i told her im not the one who spoilt it... (in mandarin) and she laughs... haha... then immediately after tt she asked, if any say i look like Edison Chen... and of course as usual, i said 'Yes'. and from there we gt to know each other... and for the next few gym sessions with my pal, i somehow felt quite paiseh (shy in hokkien) while doin my workouts.. haha... like as though wondering if she's looking at me or sth... there was once when im bout to leave, she asked me to fill up sth and eventually gave me a pair of Loreal Facial Wash... n same for my fren... so GoOd right... hehe. Guess wad i was surprise to hear n know how much affection she had for me...? - while filling up the form, she suddenly said for this she can see me longer, and even said that if im nt ard, she would have to look Daniel Wu who was in the Ad for the Loreal facial form, a small poster at the counter. haha... i said tts nt edison... then she replied saying that all of them look quite alike ma... haha. quite interesting yeah. =) afterall, she's alright.. a pleasant and nice person... though initially i find her quite 'DaO' when i first step in to the gym. haha... now she's totally different.. haha... n even dress up nicer le if im nt wrong... =P haha... no bad impression of her... as she didn't do any harm to me... jus probably admirations ba...

Thats all... for this post for now... and for your info, i bought a new phone le... shall reveal to u in the next post.


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