Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Harvest 4th-5th Jul '09

It has been quite some time that i didn't go shopping n really buy shirts for myself...

and there on Sat. i met up with my Sec. Sch friends, Rm (RongMing) & Wendao to have dinner @ Takashimaya Coffee Club. After tt we walked around Taka & Paragon fora while and had some drinks at the Coffee Bean @ Paragon. Later Rm wanna go HMV check out some CDs and we headed to The Heeren. Over there i ended up buying this tee below @ HMV ... find it quite nice actually with the PiNk printed on the black base. And the PiNk is quite nice!

1 is for about $33, but 2 for $50.
Hence, RM bought 1 n i bought this. :)

here's the front...

and this e back...
also wordings in PiNk!

On Sunday, after soccer i went down to Ann Siang Rd with Rm to check out the Fred Perry store over there

Its my FiRST TiME there and Rm who had been there led the way...

And so coincidence, when we entered the store... one of the sales guy was actually RM's primary school friend, not very close though. But somehow they exchanged contacts. Cool... next time can get staff discount liaOz... :p

But anyway... i bought a button shirt...

was deliberating on whether to get the creamy yellow one or the white one.... in the end, i got the white one... as its more versatile as mentioned by Rm.

i chose a shirt because i think tt Fred Perry Polo tees are too commOn...

i like the wreath...
made up of different colours.

So what's the price ?


but i manage to buy at $69 only.

wanna knOw why ?

Check out my blog on the older posts... :)

Guess what ?

On Saturday, i received this envelope from ACP magazines again...!

This was the envelope that i opened few months back and was told that i'm the winner of a Sovil Titus watch worth about $300 from CLEO.

So what is it this time ?

i didn't want put in much hope for winning anything because i afraid it might end up to be just a follow-up newsletter from CLEO or sth...

But to my amusement...

i won a Kenneth Cole Timepiece... worth S$347 !

i seriously dunno where i won this from when i saw this...
but only to think of maybe some sms contest i might sent before

So i considered myself very lucky then...

for winning the second time somemore !

Thanks to The Singapore Women 's Weekly!

I guess my harvest for this weekend was really Good! :)

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