Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Trip to the Singapore Zoological Gardens on 1st November 2009

First Animal - Parrots to Welcome Us in to the Zoo !!! After soOo long... i finally re-visited the zoo again... this time with my beloved Gf. The following photos will bring you up-close and some Reelee up-close to the animals ... Enjoy!

this animal above... is a mixture of Pig, Zebra and Elephant. Interesting!

Popular White Tigers... popular because they killed a man (which is the zoo-keeper)

they look really pretty ... and cool!

Don't forget, its a Tiger... not your usual pet dog in da house! ha..

on da way to another destination ...

went to watch the Rainforest Fights Back at 1:30 pm
there's an earlier one at 10:30 am

Riding a Pony! nice picture dear ... :)


here if u can see... theres a monkey clinging onto the ropes ... managed to take this picture of it against the white pillar :)


Up-close - this may be abit disgusting... but its okie! :P

Here's the Baby Hippo... so cute!

Over here... don't have to fly to Australia... u can see the KANGAROOS!!!

this above seem to be always here at this spot... cos i saw him/her in this position, also beside the fence in my fren's photo... haha!


This was Funny!
helping each other to squeeze blackheads arh? haha...


Lioness and the Lion sleeping at the back...

Jaguar !

they can run very very fast...

managed to capture this shot when it roars ...
perhaps its yawn... haha

it saw a bird and quickly pounced on it from the top on the tree trunk...

dunno why... when i purposely stared at it with my eyes wide opened into its eyes up-closed... it suddenly opened its mouth and... held it there for like a min... i quickly took out my camera and took a shot of it.

Tortise... (forgot wads the name :P )

Giant Tortise...
they move really slowwww.....


they are really BiG n StrOnG!!!

using the window to push himself away with its limp

Last but not least... we went for another show named SPLASH SAFARI... at 5pm.
Its @ the Splash Amphitheatre
Other Showtimes are 11:00am & 2:30pm.

Before we ended our day... we felt rather hungry and we had Kopi (coffee) and Laksa at this Ah Meng Cafe ... :)

We had an eye-openening experience in the zoo... and it was a rewarding and enjoyable one !

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