Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our 2010 Valentines' Day - PS. Cafe & 99 Rochers

i made a bouquet 99 rochers for her...
accompanied with 2 little Rats (just nice both of us belongs to rats in the chinese zodiac)

this year's vday was abit delayed due to my business in selling the rochers flowers on the actual Valentines' cum Chinese New Year Day...
worked till very late... about 1-2 am

Nevertheless, i made these rochers for her...
i passed it to her only on the next day of Valentines' day
i guess my effort n sincerity have been paid for.

hope she like it ...


On the following night, which is 16th Feb
we went to PS. Cafe to celebrate our Valentines' Day!

its along Harding Rd, near Dempsey

was asked to sit at the waiting area...

its our first time here ...


we ordered Muscato ... which is our favourite!

Here i officially handed her another present...

its a DVD Player from Philips.
shes had been complaining on her DVD player that was giving her problem. Everytime she wanna watch korea, japanese, chinese or hong kong drama... it always show an error message on the tv screen. Even for me when i wanna power off the player, the disc tray came ejected. It can be quite irritating! So i got her this... :)
Now she can watch with peace and would not have to worry about whether she can watch her Vcd/Dvd this time or that time or not. :)

Yes... we had this... it was really Good!
Probably the Best Steak ever...

with Sweet Potato, Asparagus and Tomato which is very sweet n nice!
small ones are usually very sweet... :)

Fries as side dish to spice up our meal... it was really tasty!
Michelle complimented on it! :)

which is very nice also... :)

and Last but not least.. we had our dessert - SOUTHERN FUDGY CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE.. served with vanilla ice cream...

Michelle Loves this alOt... :)

There's marsh mallow in
the Fudgy Chocolate Pecan Pie.. which was quite
special. In the end, we can't really finish it. the chocolate was too
thick to finish everthing. Nevertheless... it was really a good meal to
have n
i think one should really come n give this at least a try.
Our total bill adds up to about S$200 plus...
but it was worth it! :)
Thks Michelle!
Luv u!

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