Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I can't remember the exact details... cos its quite some time back.

But basically is that THEY DON'T PAY that's all...

They are like an Advertising company which targets blogger... just like Nuffnang, but if i not wrong you'd have to write a review for them in order to earn from them.

Here are my reviews tt i've made in the past...

Effort 1 - Advertise Advertlets (for this i got myself about S$25 in my Advertlets account)

Effort 2 - ST701.com (supposed to get another about S$25 but no news about it)

Later i LOST trust in Advertlets and decided to email them and request for my ST701 review to be credited. Hence, cash out the earnings from my account. By then after crediting the ST701 review.. I should have S$50+ which is eligible to cash out. Min. amt to cash out is S$50.

But i encounter problems sending them email and getting a reply from them. They took yonks to reply!

Below is one of the emails I SENT... which eventually got a reply.
It was dated last year 2009.

And this is their ACTUAL Reply below.

This was what they said.. or Jess Ong said.. BUT TILL NOW... THEY HAVE NOT PAY...

Why they never pay? there's no explanation to this from them at all... or was it Jess didn't do a good job in handling all these? or she "swallow" the money herself? i think will get choked somehow... (not to be mean)

Actually all the while i want to blog about this to share with all... but i've too many things to blog abt and was busy with many stuffs... till i almost forgot about it. Until i saw a post on the Wayang Times... and it reminded me of this unpleasant incident tt i've encountered b4. To think back again... same for some bloggers.. All our efforts are gone to waste.

Here's the question!
Advertlets don't have enough money to pay our Singaporean Bloggers? Or Is the exchange rate too low for them?

IF YES... Don't ask us to blog or do review in the first place!

IF NO... EXPLAIN to us...!!!

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