Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Batam Trip 7-9th Aug 2010

Where's my GF?
She has got sth on... and would be meeting us later...

Takin' a nice shot while touring around the resort.

Our Harris Cabana Room

its quite nice...
probably the Best in Harris Resort.

an utility area and open concept toilet..

walking out...

a nice place for u to chill out...
(but beware of mosquitoes and all sorts of insects.. haha)

with nice scenery...
the beach is jus at the your convenience.

we were just in time for the breakfast which ends at 10am.

went for bowling at the resort... and we bought the socks there for... er.... i think H$2
(You can buy Harris Dollar which denote as H$. S$20 for H$25)
and...we were quite amazed to see the brand of the socks which somehow imitates the Adidas Brand and Logo.. haha!
All of 'em got the Adilas and I got the Adimas.. haha..

see my gf so happy.. haha..

Guess i look weird n funny in these shoes. haha.

Nevertheless i had a nice posture. :P

Tried the Flying Fox which cost $10 for 2 pax.

Kelvin and I tried it...
we had to swing from the 6th floor rooftop of Harris main building...and we managed to overcome the fear when we were up there. Good job bro!

Nice Pic!

we had a game of mahjong before we left Harris Resort...
Just enough time to play One Tong! haha...
oh ya.. thats my mini Mahjong which i brought it there.
We played in the games room. Initially wanted to rent the normal mahjong from them, but when we arrived at the games room which is located at the Trendy Wing, there was only a mahjong table and no Mahjong tiles. Hence, we just played the mini one that i brought. :)

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