Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Magical Wonder with Birds" @ Jurong Bird Park - Omy.sg

was invited by Omy.sg to this

"Magical Wonder with Birds"

on 27 June 2009

Proudly presented by

Jurong Bird Park & Priscilla Khong !

and here i invited my good friend, William along...
( we're entitled to bring a friend along )

On da way in ...

Jurong Bird Park !

HEre... i gOt my tickets...!!!

@ the booth set up by the Omy people...

they are amazingly friendly!

Thanks Han Wee for adding me on Facebook! :)

trying to get some snaps with the birds there before the sky gets darker....!
some already start sleeping lor... neva wait for me...
Luckily the left one still look into the camera and posed for my friend who was taking the photos for me... :p

taking photo with these 2 BiG birds before entering the amphitheatre...

at the entrance...

Free Seating !

its quite a nice spacious amphitheatre with the forest-like back-drop stage...

and here we're ...

the show is starting soOn...!

Priscilla Khong ~ the center one with a black cape

Born into a legacy of magic, Priscilla is today a widely acclaimed
professional female magician in her own right. Besides inheriting her
father Lawrence’s talent and passion for magic and receiving training
from him since young, she also learnt the best skills of the craft from
various legendary master magicians. They include the Great Tomsoni,
Jeff McBride, Haruo Shimada, Jonathan Pendragon, and many more.

Check out her Full Biography here.

Click to view the a short video of the performance above!
this is one of the magic she performed with the round-like cage
somehow she crawled inside and disappeared after a while...

i don't know when was the last time i watched a magic show... but this ONE by Priscilla Khong was really wOrth watching !
After the show, we went to this BONGO BURGERS inside Jurong Bird Park to have our dinner... its pretty late probably 8+ and we were HUNGRY!

Nice cosy place...

we took 4 pictures with 4 shots at one go,
with different theme n pose each time...

create avatar

and there... this is the kind of result you get...! hAha...

took a picture with this uncle standing near the entrance before i left the place...
he's is quite funny... trying to joke with us abit.. haha!

Last but not least... we were greeted by this...
and yes... we had a magical time here !

our tickets...

Proudly Presented by

Jurong Bird Park & Priscilla Khong !

ThAnks Omy.sg

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