Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dinner @ KINARA Cuppage Terrace | 23rd Oct 2010

We had this 1-for-1 main course yesterday
at the KINARA Restaurant located at the Cuppage Terrace.
It was our 2nd time trying out KINARA.
First time was at the Holland Village branch where we celebrated our 2nd anniversary and dressed up like indians. Check out the post here!

We had Lamb Kebab,

Chicken Curry,

Garlic and Fruit & Nut Naans

They looked really good...
Can't wait to start...

After our meal... we were given this to try.
Michelle wondered how we gonna eat this?
They were actually small bits of sweets majority in white and the rest in a few different colours like green, yellow and pink... as u can see in the picture below.

Let me show you how to eat >>>

First, scoop a small tea spoon of the sweets

Second, put them onto your palm

And.. Eat it!

We believe this would actually help you get rid of the curry smell that is in your breath after the meal.

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