Sunday, October 17, 2010

My New Gym Corner!

The bench was given to me as a birthday present from my girlfriend. And its quite nice actually. Just a simple all black and a word "VITO" across the surface of the bench.

Of course.. with the bench i do up the gym by getting a mirror for $99 and 3 carpets for about $9.90 each. All from IKEA. In addition, i also bought a 1.5 metre rod (to hold the weights) for about $29 from Nutrition Park. I'm still in the midst of getting more weights... as they aren't really enough to do a simple bench press exercise. :P

Over here... I put up a simple frame with a picture of a former bodybuilder, so as to acquire some motivation even while training. The guy in the picture is called Frank Zane and was introduced to me by my gym buddy.

I was lookin' thru some pictures (including Arnold Schwarzenegger) and i found this quite suitable, hence i printed it and put it up onto the wall.

I would invite friends to train at my place... so it would be good to have this to motivate us. :)

Here are some of the weights i have.
I'm still in the midst of getting more...

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