Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ThAnks to CLEO Magazine ! Solvil ET Titus Won !!!

Thanks to CLEO Magazine for this SOLVIL ET TITUS worth S$295

It was from a sms contest which i participated... and i probably sent in 1 or 2 times and i got this

I considered myself really lucky!
It would be better if it is TOTO ! LoL~!

I was quite puzzled when i first rcvd an envelope with e company named "ACP Magazines"
I was wondering could it be some prize tt i might have won? but i was really unsure... and didn't put much hope in it... and just opened it!

And to my amazement, i saw the 4 big PiNk letters "CLEO"

and i read on ... it says i won a Solvil ET Titus watch worth da da da... etc.

I was so happy and yelled the whole house ... even my dog, tracce also got disturbed and barked.

Did u notice that the Hour hand is broken, but with a crystal attached to it ?

I'm selling this at only $200.
If you're interested, do let me know :)

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