Monday, August 31, 2009

My Favourite Character in G-Force !

It would definitely be Hurley !!!

Its so pretty and cute !!!
I like the different shades of the colour of their fur... making 'em very unique from others..
The shades of the fur is quite like the Roboski (shown in the 2nd picture below) which i quite like alot...

Here's a very brief profile of the Hurley in the movie.

ROBOSKI - Its very Fast! Probably the Fastest Hamster.
So you must get hold of it well... else you'll find it hard to catch her back! haha...

In addition, jus to side track abit...
I reared a pair of Pudding Hamsters for 1 wk recently.
It belongs to my Girlfriend.
The reason she bought these hamsters is because of the Trailer of this G-Force!
After watching the trailer of the G-Force in the cinemas for a few times, it got her so TEmPtEd into getting hamsters for herself and there... she bought 2 hamsters !

they're named hammie and wawa !

Visit the Link Here to Read more of my recent Post on "Hamsters In The House !" on these Cute LiL' Hamsters tt Stayed over my place for 1 week!

G-Force Microsite Link:

Catch G-Force in cinemas 4th Sep 2009

which is on my Birthday, cool !

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