Thursday, April 30, 2009

"SAFETY Starts With ME" Photo Competition

Participated in this contest by Workplace Safety & Work Council with William in ard March...

Click on the picture above to know more about the contest.


Doin' some serious discussion !!!

Going back to our site office... aka the Container !

Here with my dear coming to see me @ work...

Helping out in my big project... so sweet~! :)

Worked until very late... life is tough!
U can see from my face ! LoL.

William working very hard also... but nobody sees... :p

Doing some banner to put up...

Here we're with our lorry...

We shall put it here... :)

It would bring back us some good memories that we had together...
Although our mission has failed.
Nevertheless, its a good experience... being a construction worker for the first time and probably the last time... :)

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