Saturday, May 1, 2010

MAHJONG - 11 Flowers

Recently i played Mahjong and i had 11 flowers at the end of the game.

Some says... the person who took my last flower must "Bao" which means to help others pay for my winnings - usually this case is LIMIT already or more than 5 tai already.
Others say i can STEAL the last flower taken by that somebody who took my flower and straight open my tiles and Game, but you would need to have 11 flowers first.. before the person took the last flower.

My verdict is... BOTH!

What's your SAY ?

u may air it in the comments here at the bottom of this post.

the last person who took my flower was...
my Girlfriend, Michelle!
She was not "Bao" la... cos we were unaware of this situation at tt time. :)

Well... the other two players was Kelvin n his wife...
it was a nice game at their place with good hospitality! :)

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